Another day of Thanksgiving

by Fr. Adrian  |  11/26/2023  |  From the Clergy

This November 23rd we celebrate “Thanksgiving Day”, a very significant event in the United States. Let's remember some history: The celebration dates back to 1621, according to historians, after a painful winter where many English colonists lost their lives, it seems that the miracle of life became a reality. Thanks to a “Good Harvest” the inhabitants of Plymouth in the company of the Wampanoag natives were able to share food. Over time the celebration was forgotten and was later recovered during the time of President George Washington, likewise Lincoln gave it great importance.

Today the celebration takes on a lot of relevance for North American society. I think it is convenient to highlight the VALUES and Richness of said commemoration:

  • Celebration of the Gift of life
  • Thanksgiving
  • Fraternal and family gathering

These three characteristics, seen in the light of the Christian faith (The gospel) were lived and valued by Jesus Christ himself. The gospel stories tell us the value and importance that the Lord Jesus gives to the fraternal encounter, the gift of life. Our Eucharist is all thanksgiving to the Good God.

A well-arranged table to share with people near and far. A table that leads to family reconciliation, memory, and strengthening family ties. What a great wealth of this celebration. Let's not forget to put a place for the Great Guest: Jesus Christ, model of Love and brotherhood.

Happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

- Rev. Sergio Arcila