For the Children

by Rev. Vijaya Yemparala  |  05/12/2024  |  From the Clergy

We are in the Easter season and it is a joyful season. For the children who are receiving the First Holy Communion it is a very special season .On April, 27, 26 children from St. Stanislaus catholic school received the first Holy Communion. In this month 70 children are going to receive the First Holy Communion. I would like to congratulate all the first Holy Communicants. I would like to address these children through this article.


Jesus the Good Shepherd: WAY, TRUTH and LIFE

by Rev. Sergio Arcila  |  05/05/2024  |  From the Clergy

Dear friends, we continue to celebrate Easter, the passage of the Lord through our lives and personal history. And it is a step that leaves a mark of love that marks our lives. The Lord of Life becomes for the Christian the WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE (Cf. John 14:6)


5th Sunday of Easter

by Deacon Oscar Cervantes  |  04/28/2024  |  From the Clergy

This past Sunday we heard the gospel of the good shepherd who knows his sheep by name and they know him by his voice. Thus Jesus knows each of us and it is through our baptism that he calls us to be part of his flock, since in our baptism he calls us to be priest, prophet and king, this is how he shares the kingdom with us. of the. Today we hear in the first reading how he calls Paul to serve as an apostle to bear witness to his word. This is how we become part of his vineyard and it is God the Father who is in charge of cutting off the branch that does not bear fruit in his son Jesus.


Bishop Myron J. Cotta, D.D April Reflection

by Bishop Myron J. Cotta, D.D.  |  04/21/2024  |  From the Clergy

Homily of Easter Vigil -Welcoming Our New Brothers and Sisters in the Risen Lord This evening we are immersed in a variety of rich symbols of our faith: fire, the Paschal Candle, Holy Scripture, water, oil, Holy Chrism, bread and wine. All these signs and symbols beg us to acknowledge the Risen Christ in our midst. This evening, you, our Catechumens, the Elect, who have been preparing to be initiated into the Church, the Church that Jesus established over two thousand years ago, the Catholic Church, we welcome and thank God for you.


Road to Emmaus

by Deacon José  |  04/14/2024  |  From the Clergy

Are you rested from the Easter Triduum celebration? It was certainly an amazing celebration with many volunteers putting their time, talents, and treasure for the glory of God. For few days we experienced what the first Christian communities experienced when “They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of bread and to the prayers.” (Acts 2:42).


A Message from Our Principal

by Amanda Miranda  |  04/07/2024  |  From the Clergy

The Lord is Risen! Hallelujah!

As we continue to journey through the Easter season, let us embrace the spirit of renewal, seeking spiritual growth and deepening our relationship with God. May the Resurrected Jesus live in our hearts and fill our lives with his everlasting peace and endless love.

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